About Us
The Maybridge Financial Group is a multinational financial services organization made up of two firms:  Maybridge (Asia), Inc. (a financial advisory services firm) and Maybridge Finance and Leasing, Inc. (a fully licensed finance company operating in the microfinance, small enterprise and migrant workers sectors).  Our team is made up of professionals with over a century of combined banking experience gained from their association with North American, European and Asian financial institutions.  Reputation, experience, integrity, creativity and a strong service culture are our core competencies.  We are determined to preserve and build on these core competencies.

There is a great continental divide between lenders and borrowers in the formal financial system. Lenders are often unprepared to meaningfully  serve the needs of borrowers.  On the other hand, borrowers are often ill-equipped to deal with the prescriptions of lenders. As a result, there is massive financial exclusion.  A large segment of the population today has no access to the mainstream financial system. 

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